Nursery Specials


The Friends are delighted to advise that the Plant Nursery currently have these plants in stock:

The Nursery currently has limited stock of some Pelargoniums. (May 2019)


Plants propagated from the Silver Border in the Geelong Botanic gardens: 

Cerastium tomentosum (Snow in Summer)
Spreading plant with narrow silver leaves and star flowers.  It can be used as a groundcover or in rock gardens.

Convolvulus cneoreum (Silver Bush)
Hardy shrub with striking silver foliage and white funnel-shaped flowers.

Helichrysum italium (Curry plant)
Evergreen bushysub-shrub with linear aromatic grey leaves and bright yellow flowers.

Maireana sedifolia (Blue Bush)
Succulent shrub with with silver grey foliage.
Senecio serpens (Blue Chalk Sticks)
A groundcover with blue cylindrical leaves and white flowers.  The trailing stems take root as they touch the ground.

Senecio viravira
Deeply pinnate silvery-white leaves and small pale yellow flowers.  Hardy ground cover succulent.

Cussonia paniculata (South African Cabbage Tree)

This upright tree can reach 3.5 m.  It has a narrow trunk topped by a crown of blue-greeen incised foliage.  When mature, it has dense spikes of candleabra like flowers in summer.  Suitable for pot cultivation.

Sarcococca ruscifolia (Sweet Box)
Dense low growing shrub with creamy white flowers.


 These Pelargoniums are available in limited numbers:

Pelargonium Attar of Roses
Pelargonium blandifordium
Pelargonium bowkeri
Pelargonium caffrum
Pelargonium Cedar Woods
Pelargonium Corio Zac
Pelargonium Crispum minor
Pelargonium Estelle
Pelargonium Fragrans nutmeg
Pelargonium Henry Sewell
Pelargonium hirtum
Pelargonium Lara nomad
Pelargonium maderense
Pelargonium Mrs Dunbrill
Pelargonium odoratissimum
Pelargonium schitzopetalum
Pelargonium splendide
Pelargonium triste

Fresh stock will be available for sale in mid April.